Advice on buying a New Car or Van

A car or Van is widely regarded as being the second most costly purchase in our lives next to that of our home.
With this in mind we have outlined below some sensible advice that we would like to share with you before you make your decision.


Most of us are guilty of spending far more than we should on certain items. As a car incurs ongoing costs it is vital that you do some research into the monthly running bills.

These will include:

Insurance, (Get a quote from our partner, Adrian Flux)

Fuel, if you travel to work by car each day MPG maybe a large factor. Visit the manufacturer's website to ascertain the MPG of the vehicle you are considering.

Road Tax, in recent years the government has changed the legislation in how our vehicles are charged road tax. As a rule the lower the emissions = the lower the road tax. To check the road tax of the vehicle you are considering visit the DVLAs website.
Finance, If you require finance you can quickly and easily apply for a decision via our partner, just click on the link and fill in your details.

Test Driving the Vehicle

All dealerships have a stock of vehicles available to "test drive".
Ask the salesman to arrange a drive in a vehicle that is as close to the specification you want to buy. Make sure you are comfortable in the vehicle and that it will accommodate all of your needs. Ask lots of questions. The salesman should be well trained and have first class knowledge of the product he is selling.
Look inside the boot. Lots of vehicles sacrifice boot space for more rear leg room. If for example you use the boot for perhaps a golf bag or long weekend breaks you need to make sure it will suffice.

Negotiating the Best Price

Just because you are in a smart showroom surrounded by salesmen in suits doesn't mean you can't negotiate a keen price!
If possible try to buy your vehicle nearer the end of a month. Dealers have very strict targets to meet and are pressed into registering cars at certain times.
As well as the factory options a dealer will also have many "dealer fit" options which are available for your chosen model. If you are at the maximum discount the dealer will allow try to ask for some extra options to "close the deal". For example mats, alloys wheels or paint protection.