How to Sell your Car or Van

How much should I ask?

Before you decide on a price do some research on similar models for sale.
Most of us value our vehicle more than what it is actually worth. Be sensible and you will attain a quicker sale. Remember that each and every month you do not sell your vehicle it will depreciate in value.
Be prepared to take an "offer". Most buyers expect to get a small discount off the price so don't be offended there is normally a mutually agreeable figure to be found.

Write an Advert

From entering your vehicle registration number automatically enters most of your vehicles details for you. However there maybe some extra interesting options that need to be entered manually. Try to be as accurate as is possible. Include document details, i.e state when your vehicle was last serviced and when the MOT expires etc.

Photograph your Vehicle

A visually attractive vehicle will attract many more buyers.
Make sure you clean and polish your vehicle before you take any pictures. The extra effort will be worth it! Try to position the vehicle in a pleasing environment. Why not drive to the nearest park and photograph it there? The absence of other vehicles will highlight the lines of your own.
Make sure your pictures are sharp and clear; take ones of the interior as well as the exterior. A close up shot of smart alloys always looks good!
How to Deal with Buyers

How to Deal with Buyers

There are some basic rules that we would advise you read to help you deal with a potential buyer.
  1. Never leave your keys with the buyer. There are unfortunately criminals who would simply drive away your car.
  2. Always check the buyer has adequate insurance before letting him or her test drive the vehicle.
  3. A buyer will usually want to haggle the price. Make sure you have a price in mind that you will not go any lower on and stick to it.
  4. Never let the vehicle go without "cleared funds". Bank transfer or cash are preferred methods of payment.
  5. Always provide a receipt.
  6. Fill in the sections of the V5 registration logbook and send them off to the DVLA and finally
  7. Tell your insurance company you have sold your vehicle.